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Girl Talk Thursday – Chicken Shit


I’ve been thinking about participating in Girl Talk Thursday for awhile.  The problem is, I usually don’t think about it until Friday morning.  Woops!

But the topic today is something I’ve been thinking about – being a chicken.

I’m a big fat chicken about a lot of things, but there’s one thing in particular that I don’t want to be chicken about. 

That one thing is my writing.

I’ve started writing seven novels in the past twelve years.  Been passionate about them to the point that I can’t think of anything else, writing and outlining and developing characters at every spare moment. 

Inevitably, I come to a point where I want some feedback.  But I’m too chicken shit to show my writing to anyone.  The blog doesn’t count, of course, because it’s fluid and ever changing, and people who come here to read aren’t expecting works of pure genius. 

My real writing, that’s something I hope to have published some day.  I want someone to purchase one of my books, spend their precious time reading it, and come away happy that they did so.

That’s a whole lot of pressure.

I realize that what shows up on bookshelves isn’t anyone’s first draft – which is why I need feedback.  I can’t be objective when I’m neck deep in the process of developing a scene.  But I’ve always been too chicken to show anything I’ve seriously written.

Until now.

Maura is taking a look at the first few chapters of a novel I’d decided to abandon.  Something I haven’t looked at in 9 months, but that I know has potential to be something worth reading.  Something worth writing.

I’m still a chicken.  But at least, for now, I feel capable of laying some eggs.

You Don’t Have to Kiss Me

It’s De-Lurker Day!  Apparently.  I’m always the last to know about these kinds of things.

Mainly because I’m lazy, and have a terrible short term memory.

You’re supposed to give me some love and make me feel wonderful about myself, but you don’t have to kiss me, buy me dinner or sleep with me later.  Aren’t you lucky?

In honor of Delurker Day, I’ll tell you an odd detail about myself…

I used to believe I was a cat in a former life.  I had a list of reasons why, and everything.

So, if you’ve been lurking around here, or even if you’ve just found my site, show yourself!

Happy Holidays and All That Jazz


For so many of us, 2009 has been incredibly hard.

I want you to know that I appreciate all of the friendships I have.

Whether I see you face to face on a regular basis, or we connect through our keyboards – my cup runneth over.  Thank you.

Here’s to a fantastic New Year!  *Cheers*

Much Love,

Wordless Wednesday: Oh JOY!

                                     Joy, 9 weeks

                                    American Bulldog

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

Living on a ranch, my family has a fairly unique perspective on climate change.

We are able to see the effects global warming has on our crops and animals, and we try to accommodate those changes on a day to day basis.  In turn, we are also able to combat climate change in ways that go beyond that of the average American. 

Here are some steps my family has taken, or continues to take, to reduce our carbon footprint.

In and on our home:

* A large solar paneling system
* Energy Star appliances, electronics, windows, doors, heating and air units
* Sky lights
* Aluminum-lined roof sheeting
* Insulated walls built with 2×6’s rather than 2×4’s
* Environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
* Ceiling fans
* CFL light bulbs

On our ranch:

* A garden full of our favorite fruits and veggies
* Feeding scrap food to our chickens
* Composting our chicken’s waste to create natural fertilizer for our garden
* Discing our fields to reduce fire hazard and improve soil quality
* A gray-water irrigation system for our pasture
* Pasture and hay feeding our cattle
* Feeding our lawn and tree trimmings to our livestock
* Keeping a worm farm, and feeding it with coffee grounds
* Using a drip irrigation system for our garden, lawn and trees
* Trading goods with neighbors and friends

In our general lives:

* Always purchasing a living Christmas tree, and planting it after the holidays
* Reusable cloth tote bags for shopping
* Recycling
* Fuel-efficient vehicles
* Carpooling whenever possible
* Sharing magazine subscriptions with friends and family
* Donating and purchasing used clothing, furniture, toys, etc.
* Shopping locally whenever possible, including farmer’s markets

Our ranch isn’t fully sustainable year-round, but for most months of the year, we could easily live without stepping foot off of our own property.  We hope, eventually, to be completely sustainable and eliminate our family’s carbon footprint altogether.

I’d love to hear how you’re fighting climate change! 

Go here for some amazing suggestions.  And go here to find out more about Blog Action Day 09!